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Medical Image Analysis and Biometrics Laboratory – LAIMBIO

 Service, Unit, Area, Analysis, Workshops…Private
Advice on Acquisition and image protocols30.0020.0010.00€/hour
Development of NMR sequences for research6,000.005,000.004,000.00€/sequence
Advice and design of image analysis systems for specific applications30.0020.0010.00€/hour
Global brain volumetry SG, SB, CSF and VI.20.0015.0010.00€/subject
Absolute Cerebral Volumetry (Cortical and subcortical)20.0015.0010.00€/subject
Cortical Thickness20.0015.0010.00€/subject
Generation of templates with DARTEL40.0030.0020.00€/template
Absolute quantification of metabolites (By Voxel and subject)20.0015.0010.00€/subject
Quantification of Metabolites with partial volume correction30.0020.0010.00€/subject
GSH or GABA Quantification40.0030.0020.00€/subject
DTI (Calculation of AF and DM maps)30.0020.0010.00€/subject
Quantitative Structural Brain Connectivity from DTI60.0040.0030.00€/subject
T2 maps. Quantification of iron deposits40.0030.0020.00€/subject
Quantification of cerebral perfusion with ASL30.0020.0010.00€/subject
Distortion correction in fMRI series.20.0015.0010.00€/subject
Analysis of functional series by series. (First Level Analysis)30.0020.0010.00€/subject
Second-level fMRI analysis (group studies)30.0020.0010.00€/study
Resting State Analysis (By Seed or Global)60.0040.0030.00€/subject
Simultaneous registration of EEG and fMRI150.00100.0075.00€/acquisition
Functional Resonance in Smell Studies150.00100.0075.00€/subject
Neuroimaging Statistical Studies (VBM, inclusion of biopsy psycho-cognitive variables, confusion variables, etc.)60.0040.0030.00€/subject
Functional Connectivity Studies (By seeds or global)60.0040.0030.00€/subject
Statistical studies combining techniques60.0040.0030.00€/subject
Quantification of gray matter lesions (only for 3 Tesla or higher)60.0040.0030.00€/subject
Quantification of white matter lesions in FLAIR sequences60.0040.0030.00€/subject
Quantification of micro-hemorrhages in SWI images60.0040.0030.00€/subject
Statistical Studies with PET60.0040.0030.00€/subject
Cuantificación absoluta de grasa epicárdica y músculo cardíaco sobre
imágenes de RMN
Absolute quantification of epicardial fat and heart muscle on MRI images
Image enhancement20.0010.005.00€/image
Image processing20.0010.005.00€/image
Image quantification20.0010.005.00€/image
Motion correction in image sequences30.0020.0010.00€/sequence
Desarrollo de sistema de inteligencia artificial para análisis de datos
Development of artificial intelligence systems for multimodal data analysis
Ad-hoc Deep Learning tool design for image problem2,000.001,500.00500.00€/development
Preparation of Technical Report by modality150.00100.0075.00€/report
Figures and Images Elaboration for articles or presentations60.0040.0030.00€/document
Report writing in scientific article format in Spanish (Materials, Methods and Results)600.00400.00300.00€/article
Report writing in scientific article format in English (Materials, Methods and Results)900.00600.00400.00€/article